From time to time, companies send products. The idea is that I’ll try something, like it, and give it some press. Fair enough. I write about professional samples, gifts from friends, and products bought off the shelf. I don’t distinguish between them, though it’s fair to assume that anything I write about may be the result of something I didn’t pay for.

What I don’t do is accept any paid advertising for the Whiskey Forge. Ever. If I write about something, it’s because I like it. Simple as that. If, in turn, you like what I write online and want to use it yourself, please do—all I ask is that you cite me as the source and link to the original piece.

Banner ads for events or for colleagues’ sites may show up, but there’s no money exchanged. I put up such links because they are for things I personally read, consume, or attend myself. In the rare event I ever write about a business client, I will mention it specifically.

I do, as scheduling permits, accept invitations to speak at or otherwise participate in events, conferences, symposia, site visits, press trips, competitions, festivals, etc.  Email me at moonshinearchives [at] gmail [dot] com for details and availability.


I love samples. I really do. Send them by all means. Even better? Bring me to your distillery. I am always looking for products to feature, but I’m a storyteller and bit of a completist—I don’t just want to know about your product or event, I want to know as much as I possibly can. So I like to see an entire line and experimental batches, for instance, along with shelf talkers, corporate histories, press kits, labels, etc.

In particular, I’m interested in (1) distilled spirits and related products and (2) cookbooks and other books about food, cooking, cocktails, spirits, distilling, corporate histories of food & drinks companies, culinary history, etc. Anything else, just ask.

Sending Samples in Four Easy Steps

Shipping Suggestions:

1. Please wrap the items carefully (bubble wrap and/or bottle shippers). Such a waste when a soggy box shows up from insufficient packing or faulty packaging.

2. If possible, please send via FedEx or UPS.

3. Quantities

3a: Bottles

Mini bottles don’t contain enough spirits to properly evaluate on their own and to see how they behave in mixed drinks, so, while I will accept them, I’ll rarely write about mini samples because they simply don’t provide enough information. Rather, please send spirits and wine in 375-1000ml bottles. Plus, they’ll look better in photos. And honestly, now, why wouldn’t you want your products to look good?

3b: Books and Other Printed Materials

Generally single copies are sufficient. Advance copies are ok, but published, shelf-ready books are best since they lend themselves to better photography (and I’m more likely to keep them for reference and future citation rather than toss them after a single read). If you’d like to run a give-away promotion of a title through my site, email so we can talk about it.

4.  Please email me so I know to look for your sample.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me via email: moonshinearchives [at] gmail [dot] com

In fact, email me anyway to get the current mailing address: I travel a lot, so there’s no telling where I’ll be any given week.